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Ansar Burney inaugurates “Society For International Peace” in Jeddah

 By Rohail Khan

Jeddah: A “new chapter” of history was written on the eve of 5th May 2014 at Rahma Banquet Hall, Jeddah.

The Society for International Peace (SIP), was formally inaugurated at the hands of Honorable Ansar Burney, International Ambassador of Peace and Justice.

“Society for International Peace (SIP)”, the dream and brainchild of its founder / chairman Rohail Khan, is a think-tank initiated to serve the humanity.

In a private event organized by Rohail Khan, Senior Banker, Social Activist, and Philanthropist, “formal tribute” was given to Ansar Burney by a pool of thirty selected intellectuals, doctors, engineers, scientists, and businessmen

Rohail Khan-Society for International Peace1The event’s Chief Guest was Hon. Ansar Burney, Chairman, Ansar Burney Trust International, who flew specially from UK to grace the occasion.

Mr. Tahseem Ul Haq Haqqi, Consul Welfare, Pakistan Consulate Jeddah, was the Guest-of-Honour.

The proceedings started with Qirat of Holy Quran by Qari Asif. Roses were presented by Engr. Aziz Ahmed.

Rohail Khan formally introduced the valuable guests and outlined each individuals’ specific area of expertise.

On behalf of Jeddah VIPs, Rohail presented a Memento to Ansar Burney to honour his “Extra ordinary Services in International Humanitarian Services”.

Rohail Khan-Society for International Peace3In an eloquent heart-warming address, Ansar Burney succinctly described his biography and discussed his life-long mission and works.

Karachiite by birth, a practising solicitor by profession, Ansar Burney is a social activist by choice and a God-gifted altruist.

Proactively and consistently engaged in humanitarian works since 1980, it is incredible how a young student leader – Ansar Burney –  was selected by mother nature to become an internationally-acclaimed and sought-after social services expert.  

Over last three decades, he has acquired expertise in International Social Work, Human Dignity, Women Empowerment, Anti-Human Trafficking, and Prisoners Release,

He is founder of the “Ansar Burney Trust”, “Prisoners Aid Society” and “Bureau of Missing and Kidnapped Persons”.

The U.S  State Department declared Ansar Burney ‘International Human Rights Hero’ in 2005.

In November 2007, he was appointed as Federal Minister for Human Rights — to head the newly established Human Rights Ministry of Pakistan, first of its kind in the history of South Asia.

In March 2008, Ansar Burney was elected as Human Rights Adviser by the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council.

He has been called to hundreds of International conferences and forums. In recognition of his outstanding human and civil rights work, he has received 200 awards from all over the world.

Rohail Khan-Society for International Peace4Rohail Khan in his address, aptly described Ansar Burney as “Large-than-life International Humanitarian”.  He added: “Indeed, we are fortunate to have Mr. Burney among us. His contribution towards betterment of humanity is unsurpassable”.    

Mr. Tahseem Haqqi reiterated: Today Ansar Burney is a “household name” not only in Pakistan but across five continents. He has proudly carried Pakistan’s flag all over the world and achieved the status of “champion of social justice”.   

The guests were treated with a sumptuous dinner. “Lahori chergha”, specially prepared for the occasion, was thoroughly enjoyed and savoured by everyone.

Afterwards, the “soft-launch ceremony” of the Society for International Peace was formally conducted.

As a creative ritual, Ansar Burney and all guests collectively lit candles in the dark – as a token to spread light across the world.  

Amidst standing ovation, Ansar Burney prayed for the success of the newly-founded S.I.P and hoped “S.I.P’s future accomplishments will have a positive impact on the humanity at large”.

Rohail Khan-Society for International Peace2Rohail Khan, Founder Chairman, disclosed the “four pillars” of Society for International Peace i.e: to promote International peace, to build bridges between cultures and religions, to build inter-community co-operation, and to nurture social welfare organizations.

Rohail clarified that the society shall be incorporated in U.K and operated out of London.

As a think-tank, the Society for International Peace will select worthy projects in Pakistan and elsewhere; in order to build capacities related to inter-community and inter-faith co-operation.

The Society’s first memento was jointly awarded by Ansar Burney, Rohail Khan and Tahseem Haqqi to Jeddah’s well-known personality Mr. Abubakar Memon on his appointment as Chairman, Sindh Province, National Peace Committee for Inter-Faith Harmony.

In a  “brain-storming session” various guests proffered suggestions for effective implementation of  S.I.P’s goals.

Concluding the event, Rohail Khan Master of Ceremony, resolved: ‘Selfless people’ like Ansar Burney live for others. He is truly an ‘Icon of of Human Dignity’

The illustrious guests ratified the resolution and offered vote of thanks.
Qari Asif led “collective prayers” for the health and  longevity of The Custodian of Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, and for the prosperity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Ummah at large.
Notable Guests included: Ansar Burney Esq, Chairman, Ansar Burney Trust International, U.K, H.E. Tahseem Haqqi, Consul Welfare, Pakistan Consulate, Mujeeb Hasan, Technical Director, Dunia Group, Engr Aziz Ahmed, President, Pakistan Engineers Society, Dr. Khalil ur Rehman, President, Pakistan Welfare Society, Abubakar Memon, Chairman, Sindh Province, National Peace Committee for Inter-Faith Harmony,  Captain Abdul Shakoor Shaikh, General Manager, Globe Marine Group, Prof Dr. Khursheed Nayyer, Professor of Physics, KAA University, Chaudhray Yousuf Ibrahim, Chairman, CCO Group, Shahzad Hameed Anwer Ali, CEO, Derma Sphere Group, Engr. Qari Muhammad Asif, EME Director, Nahdi Group, Fakhruddin Ahmed,  Senior Economist / Development Banker, Engr. Ehsan ul Haq, Vice President, Pakistan Repatriation Council, Prof. Dr. Tariq Cheema, Professor of Geology and Hydrology, KAA University, Dr. Arshad Qaisrani, Senior Eye Surgeon, Engr Khalid Javed, Director, NTE Group, Nayeem Faruqi, National Marketing Manager, Honda Saudi Arabia, Atif Faruqi, Zakeer Bhatti, Bureau Chief, Such News, The Hague, Netherlands, Irfan Muhammad, Senior Journalist, Arab News, Musarrat Khalil, Senior Journalist, Saudi Gazette.

Emad Iqbal and Naeem Ismail served as D.O.P and Technical Director respectively.

Security and Catering services were provided by Shariq Islam Mani (XM Pro) and Raja Abid Zaman (Rehma Restaurant).

[Rohail Khan, a senior banker and social worker, is Chairman of Urdu Academy International. He is actively developing communities through literature, culture, and philanthropy. He can be reached at rohailkhan00@gmail.com]

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