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Preparations for 7th Muslim World Biz 2016 begins

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After six years of impressive success, OIC International Business Centre (OICIBC) has officially started the preparation for the 7th Muslim World Biz. The leading trade event, which consists of a number of unique conferences as well as a huge exhibition zone, is organized annually by OICIBC in collaboration with the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT). The main objective of the Muslim World BIZ as stated by the founder, the late Dato’ Dr Raja Mohamad Abdullah, is to connect businesses from around the Muslim world and enhance inter-trade activities among them as the first step towards effectively introducing the Islamic economy on global platforms.

The Muslim World BIZ has gained support of local, regional and international support including the government of Malaysia, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the League of Arab States and the Association of Arab Universities. The progressive development of the event’s components and their activities has brought together government officials, business leaders as well as industry experts in various sectors from around the world to discuss the possible ways to boost collaboration which impact the economic outlook in the participating countries. The quality of content as well as participants improves year after year.

7th Muslim World Biz Advt Banner 2016Since the beginning, the organizer adds on new activities every year to meet the increasing demand for enhanced cooperation based on strong viable strategies resulting from the deliberations during the various conferences. For this year, 23 February 2016 marks the soft launch of the 7th Muslim World BIZ. The Chief Executive Officer of OICIBC, Mr. Muhammad Talib bin Dato’ Dr Raja Mohamad Abdullah, mentioned that the incorporation of new components and activities in this year’s event will be announced. “We are expecting wider local as well as international participation this year, and for this we have prepared plans to achieve greater results than last years,” he added.

Until last year, the Muslim World BIZ consisted of the exhibition zone occupying four halls at Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, The Round Table Talk which is a global leadership programme aiming at equipping entrepreneurs with leadership skills, OIC Asia Trade and Economic Forum as a facilitator of cooperation between Asian and OIC member countries, OIC Higher Education Conference to discuss and formulate workable strategies for the development of the Muslim educations system, World Islamic Tourism Conference and Expo in which the cultural heritage and attraction sites in the participating countries are showcased as well as the special presentation of the prestigious award – Jewels of the Muslim World –where ten selected Muslim leaders are honored for their contribution to the development of the Islamic economy.

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