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Hindutva parties’ icon ‘Indian Cow’ rattles Congress Party threatening its Hindu votebank

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Indian cow seems to have become a political weapon for the Hindutva parties seeking to take away Congress Party’s Hindu votebank. BJP and Hindutva allies have converted cow into both holy and patriotic to garner Hindu votes at national and regional levels. India’s Hindutva fanaticism looks formidable and suicidal.

For the ruling BJP, cow issue maybe quite promising but is indeed detrimental to nation’s secular and democratic fabric.

Of late, with the arrival of Hindutva dispensation as the ruling party of India and several states with, many new rules- not exactly laws- have been put forward by the stalwarts of Hindutva boss RSS on how to become a true patriotic Hindutva India. It spells out what to do and what not by Indians if they care for patriotism. In case people want some favors like jobs etc, they have to showcase their Hindutva patriotism in open to serve as models for others to emulate for favors.

Even life could be endangered if Indians disobey the RSS rules.

RSS rules, backed by the Modi regime, decide what people should eat and what not.

RSS, working behind the scene to garner votes of Hindus and others for BJP and family parties, have devised plans for Hindu votes by targeting other religions and even low caste Hindus. Cow ban is one.

The new rules suggest that Indians can kill people and not animals like cows.

india-cow-communalism5Indian government can warn people of poisonous food or things that are harmful to them. But, even then it cannot force people not to eat or eat meat of any animal for political reason.

One can drink the milk of cows while cows can do exactly what other animals do including drinking or eating and “ousting” the wastages through back door from behind. But they cannot be killed.

These RSS/BJP rules contradict the Constitution of India but they are least bothered about that maybe because they are eager to replace the Constitution, prepared by Dr. Ambedkar with a new one presenting RSS rules as new laws. They wound Muslims to follow RSS laws if they want to live in India which, they may claim to be a nation exclusively for Hindus.

Democracy and secularism would not have any place in the new system of RSS.

Arabs have not declared camels as sacred animals; nor do they consider horses as their purified holy animals. These animals are important in Islamic rituals in the past and associated with prophet (SAS) and His infallible companions who used them for many purposes, including for performing Holy Hajj. These are not holy or patriotic animals.

Cows can be milked, beaten up, thrashed with stones and sticks but cannot be killed for meat. Funny. Indians can eat costly mutton and chicken after killing them the cruelest ways but should not eat beef which is the cheap meat for common people.

Muslims have been harassed and even killed for consuming and keeping beef at home and governments sponsor that kind of madness.

BJP-RSS have made cow a patriotic and holy Hindutva animal and by suing the issue they want to expand the Hindu vote banks to win the polls next time. Already, BJP is failing in polls, though its original sponsor Congress party has not been able to recapture the Hindu or Muslim votes – without Muslim votes it cannot win polls as it was proven n Delhi and elsewhere.

Congress Party is yet to realize that it does not own Muslims and has lost its right to seek Muslim votes after got the Babri Mosque pulled down by suing RSS led Hindutva forces, military and media, though many well fed Muslim leaders, ignorant of Congress-BJP hidden agenda against Muslims, still work as paid agents for the party during the polls.

BJP used anti-Muslim and anti-Babri Mosque hysteric to snatch Congress party’s Hindu votes and it does not want to lose those ‘valuable” hate votes. Congress is sure Muslims have to vote only for it not because they trust the Congress but because of their inherent fear, generated by Congress-BJP and media, for Hindutva elements and BJP.

So, BJP-RSS duo has converted cow into a patriotic and sacred animal to help BJP gain more votes from Congress party’s national vote bank, the Congress which launched and promoted to contain Muslims in the country, is not averse to any Hindutva mooring because it is the real sponsor and cause of all Hindutva programs in secular India.

Congress Party has over decades of its misrule has generated enough Hindutva structures in government arenas, and obviously the communal India as it has emerged now was what it sought for the nation.

India has got, unfortunately, what its leadership sowed, the saying goes; communalism, crimes, hatred and ultra fanaticism- the sources of mutual suspicion among communities and violence.

[Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal is Specialist on State Terrorism; Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA); Independent Analyst; Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements (Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.). He is also former university Teacher. He can be contacted at abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com]

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