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Indian-American Tausif Malik launches series of Startup Festivals to kickstart innovation & entrepreneurship

A series of Startup Festivals being launched to kickstart innovation and entrepreneurship

• www.AIMBSN.com (All India Business Startup Network) IndiaStartupFest.com
• GCCStartupFest.com
• www.Schoolpreneur.Biz

By Danish Ahmad Khan

Indian-American Dr. Tausif Malik is in India now with a dream. Unlike other Indian Muslims who only believe in chest thumping and victimhood by Hindutva protagonists, Dr. Malik has decided to do the opposite. He wants to exude positive vibe in a community which considers Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a political leader who loves to hate Indian Muslims. However, in a recent telephonic conversation with this Correspondent Dr. Malik said that the Prime Minister is doing something remarkably well for the entire nation by launching schemes such as “Make In India”, “Skills India”, “Stand Up India” and “Start Up India”. He says that Muslims in the country should not be left behind in aggressively adopting these schemes and inculcate entrepreneurship for the betterment of the country and community.

Dr. Tausif Malik, who is currently based at Pune, Maharashtra, has launched “All India Business Startup Network”. He said, “The first event www.AIMBSN.com (All India Business Startup Network) will held on March 2017, Pune India. www.AIMBSN.com is an initiative aimed at driving Muslim involvement in India’s startup and technology economy.”

Tausif Malok-AIMBSN AdvtDr. Tausif Malik has a long history of involvement in business, technology, and community organizing. He is the creator of America’s Largest Community based Spelling Bee competition www.MuslimSpellingBee.com

“The AIMBSN’s theme is “Connect, Support, Inspire & Grow”, expressing the vision of the India’s Muslim community becoming more involved in stimulating the business sector and developing opportunities for the next generation. AIMBSN’s vision and benefit is to connect with the Indian Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi’s vision and policies of Make India, Startup India, Standup India, Digital India & Skill India,” informed Dr. Malik.

AIMBSN is an ideal conference to connect with Muslim entrepreneurs, Halal businesses and $300 billion valued Indian Muslim consumer market. All India Muslim Business & Startup Network (AIMBSN) is a platform for Muslim Businesses, Investors & Startups to connect with mainstream business ecosystem

After the launch event in Pune, AIMBSN would be held at other locations in India, Gulf countries (GCC countries), USA, UK and Canada, where there is significant Indian Muslim diaspora, who want to be part of the development of their motherland India.

For additional details, please contact:

Dr. Tausif Malik
M.Com, M.B.A & D.B.A
Founder Director
TMA Worldwide, Chicago, USA
India Cell: +91-955-286-3469
USA CelI: 001-773-536-9786

[Danish Ahmad Khan, a native of Gaya (Bihar), is based at New Delhi. He is Founder-Editor of India’s First Online Muslim Newspaper “IndianMuslimObserver.com”. He can be contacted at indianmuslimobserver@gmail.com / editor@indianmuslimobserver.com or on his Mobile # +91 9990179721]

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