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Indian American launches Middle-east region’s First Startup News Portal GCCStartup.News

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Chicago based Indian American Dr. Tausif Malik recently launched Middle-east region’s First Startup News Portal “www.GCCStartup.News” to promote information about startups, innovation and entrepreneurship in the Gulf Region.

Dr. Tausif Malik has a long history of involvement in business, technology, and community organizing. He is the creator of America’s largest community based Spelling Bee competition “www.MuslimSpellingBee.com” and Founder of “www.AIMBSN.com” (All India Business Startup Network), “IndiaStartupFest.com”, “GCCStartupFest.com” and “www.Schoolpreneur.Biz”.

People - Tausif Malik1The main objective of “GCCStartUp.News” is to provide news and information about government policies, entrepreneurship, startups, innovation, venture capital, events and entrepreneurs, so it kickstarts startup ecosystem especially amongst the GCC population.

Dr. Tausif Malik while sharing his story as an entrepreneur said, “ I didn’t win a single competition even though my mother (Mrs. Razia Malik) took me to over 100 competitions. Every time I lost the competition, my mother would say that “Your time will come”. Now I’m the creator of America’s second largest competition. That taught me perseverance and dedication. Hence, I would want to offer my expertise and experience to budding entrepreneurs through our Startup Events, Media and Fests.”

Dr. Malik said, “Our team is in discussion with various stakeholders involved in the startup, entrepreneurship, incubators, venture capital ecosystem in the Middle East region to promote local talent and government initiatives.”

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