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OPINION: “Election” of the Vice Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University

By Paras Nath Singh

We need to ponder why people of high stature are not interested in donning the post of VC of AMU. Perhaps they consider it too demeaning to lobby and beg for votes like a politician before the members of university bodies like Executive Council (around 26 members) and AMU (around 190 members). It is a painful fact that the candidature of aspirants is never subjected to any objective scrutiny. “Voting” in these bodies, packed with ex-officio members (read AMU employees who are invariably more than willing to bow before authorities) is largely on the basis of whip issued by the Vice Chancellor. Several judgement too have recorded that these bodies are gradually becoming defunct.

Ironically, in the recently held AMU Court meeting too, two outside candidates were forced to lobby and seek votes. Will the the “voters” now not seek their pound of flesh once any of them is finally appointed? Why are we not raising our voice? Why do we want aspirants for VC post to beg and lobby? Why are we forcing them to seek “Votes” just like a politician?

AMU Aligarh1Is it not disturbing that one of the candidates was shy of sharing the number of surgeries performed till date by him? How many of his research papers have been published in indexed journals? How many citations does he have to his credit? Is it not that by invoking his family background in his CV he is trying to sound feudal? Should that be allowed? Is this what is expected from a real academic? The very fact that such a candidate secured highest votes shows AMU Court in poor light and we Aligs need to sit up and take note of it.

A Vice Chancellor must be person of eminence in the field of education, of high morals and character that may enhance the prestige and image of the particular University. But all these virtues have been thrown to the winds in election of AMU VC.

[Paras Nath Singh is BA. LLB from AMU and currently pursuing LLM from National Law University Odisha. He can be contacted at parasbalaji@gmail.com]

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