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Tighten the laws to curb the evil of atrocities on women to ensure their safety, demands Women India Movement

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Bengaluru: Central Committee Meeting of Women India Movement (WIM) was held in Bangalore on 5 Feb 2017 which was presided over by National President Yasmin Faruqui. Organizational activities followed by current socio-political situations were discussed and passed the following resolutions:


(1.) Demonetization is Destructive:

The demonetization move by the central BJP government without proper preparations and consultations has pushed the entire nation into immense trouble and hardship. PM Narendra Modi, instead of fulfilling his promise to bring back the black money stashed abroad, has played the demonetization card to hush up his utter failure. If the BJP government is really concerned about black money it has to take curtailing steps against ‘black wealth’ possessed by politicians, films actors, rich class, mine and liquor barons, etc. in and outside of our country, which is hundreds time more than the value of black money. Black money holders have now converted their black money through bank officers, thus opening new doors of corruption. Hundreds of people died when they stood in the daylong queues in front of banks and ATMs.

Women India Movement1The nation ran cashless severely impacting the routine business and transactions of the people including farmers, labors, traders, contractors, industrials, professionals, etc. which ditched them into inexplicable sufferings resulting in fall of GDP and economy of the country. Modi’s dictatorial ruling of demonetization is a deadly blow on the fundamental rights of the people and push the nation into deep trouble.

(2.) New Education Policy:

The central BJP government is intending to implement new educational policy. It’s well known fact that the BJP government has been trying to saffronize the syllabuses and implementing vedik and gurukul thoughts into the education system in the country. In this pluralistic and vivid country intruding vested and bigoted concepts into the education by the government will certainly harm the very nature of our national design and smudge social fabric. WIM, warn the central government to abolish its attempt to saffronize the education and advice to strengthen system with the values of pluralism and co-existence.

(3.) Concern over Rising Atrocities on Women in the country:

Atrocities of women in the country is on the rise. Rape, murder, assaults, harassments, domestic violence, etc. have become very common in the daily reports. Though these phenomenon have been discussed for decades in the country, the governments and their agencies are miserably failed to put an end to the menace. WIM, calls upon the government to tighten the law to curb this evil and ensure complete safety and dignity to the women in the country. Secretary Adv. Sahira Banu welcomed the members and Secretary Sithara Begum presented vote of thanks.

The members participated in the meeting were Sahira Banu Tami Nadu, Sithara Begam Jaipur, Shaheen Kausar Delhi, Adv. Zamrud Sultana Kurnool, Meharunnisa khan & Fareeda Sayyed Rajasthan, Najma & Farzana Tamil Nadu, Fasiha Khan & Aysha K.A, Sufiya Parvin, Aliya Parvin & Yasmin Islam West Bengal.

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