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OPINION: Real plight of Muslim Women in India

By Naheed Mustafa

As the reckoning days of present Government are passing there are rampant changes which are quite debatable and historical in itself but at the same time “Uniform Civil Code” for all is one of the havoc creating situation in India. “Talaq Talaq Talaq” became a general issue among the citizenry as all Muslim women of India are facing this draconian law and series of Protests, Discussions, Supreme Court judges scrutiny to liberate women from the male chauvinism and declaring this law as void is only the real plight of women in India?

There are 40 women who make an appeal to the Yogi and Modi government to abolish the triple talaq for empowering Muslim women.

Here, the question arise: “Is this the only empowerment for women just to live with that man who seeks divorce from her and women want to submit her dignity by saying “You can’t divorce me like this I will see you in the Court”?

I think and many women like me keenly understand that this is not the solution for empowering women but the real solution lies that there are thousands of Muslim women who really need to get empowered although they are educated and pursuing/possessed highest degrees but are unemployed in the present regime of Yogi and Modi governments.

At the same time Muslim girls pursuing research in different institutions of India running out of marriageable age from 25 to 32 years which makes them rejected for marriages due to dowry and it is one of the reasons which eating the soul of every women in Indian Society even strictly prohibited by law.

There are major agonies through which Muslim women are passing. If government really needs to empower Muslim women and wish to grant Justice then “financial stability” and “Progressive step” should be taken by providing “Employment for Muslim Women” under Article 15(3) 0f Constitution of India.

We expect major changes from the present government. As per the Sachar Committee Report, Muslim women are socially, economically and educationally backward and to enhance Muslim women status in India, reservation must be provided under Article 15(4) of Constitution of India. Although providing employment and educational opportunities will surely bring amelioration in downtrodden lives of Muslim women.

However, Triple Talaq is just an issue of ignorant men who professes their lives without knowing the Islam. Real plight of women is ignored while the progressive efforts are sidelined and miniscule issue which neither empowered women nor provide justice are in the mainstream. Even such women, who are divorce thrice at a time, will not cry if they are educationally and economically stable to live up their lives as per their choice instead to serve the patriarchy which society has created in the name of religion.

[Naheed Mustafa is a Research Scholar in Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University. She can be contacted at nahidmustafa786@gmail.com]

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