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COMMUNITY REPORT: Seminar on Sir Syed & Contemporary India held during Aligarh Mahotsav at Exhibition Ground

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Aligarh: Sir Syed Awareness Forum (SAF) recently held a seminar titled “Sir Syed & Contemporary India” during Aligarh Mahotsav on 29th January 2018 at the Exhibition Ground. Dr. Hameeda Tariq, wife of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) vice chancellor, who is also a leading paediatrician in Aligarh, was the chief guest on the occasion.

“Sir Syed was far ahead of his times with long term thinking. He believed that we should dream big. Sir Syed said that his aim is to establish such an educational institution whose doors remain open to all communities,” said Dr. Hameeda Tariq. She pointed out that Sir Syed was against all shades of confrontation, and his thoughts are quite relevant in the present era and must be implemented on ground level.

Aligarh Sir Syed Seminar-Prof. Shakeel Samdani1Appreciating the efforts of seminar convener Prof. Shakeel Samdani, she said that, “organising such a marvelous and thought provoking seminar in the annual Aligarh exhibition is a noteworthiness task.”

Guest of Honour, Commandant (RAF) Hilal Firoz said, ‘Sir Syed was a believer in Hindu-Muslim unity and he had also opposed cow slaughtering. He had called upon the masses not to indulge in cow slaughtering.”

Commandant (PAC) Anis Ahmad Ansari, IPS, during his address said, “For progress of any community or country education focused on science and technology is very important and Sir Syed had taken up that.” He argued that even today the country is facing challenges which necessitates that everyone should be devoted towards spread of education.

Aligarh Sir Syed Seminar-Prof. Shakeel Samdani2District Minorities Welfare Officer, Dr. Amrita Singh said, “AMU is just like a magnet which attracts everybody towards it.” She said that, “large section of minorities is illiterate which can be removed by tool of education which was weapon used by Sir Syed.” She said that Sir Syed was committed and had multifaceted personality.

Prof. Shakeel Samdani, President of Sir Syed Awareness Forum and Convenor of Seminar, said, “The seminar on Sir Syed was started in 2009 and today we are holding 9th seminar in the series on Muktaakash Manch in the exhibition ground.” He pointed out that the main aim of the seminar is to make aware masses with thoughts and mission of Sir Syed with focus on brotherhood and communal harmony between various sections of the society. “If the thoughts and views of Sir Syed are implemented honestly on ground level then illiteracy, jealousy, religious fanaticism and orthodoxy may be removed from country,” stressed Prof. Samdani.

Prof. Shafey Qidwai said that AMU is not only an institution but has certain values. Sir Syed was very much concerned with Waqf properties and he had presented first Waqf Bill. He said that Sir Syed had dreamed a tolerant India where every section live with each other harmonically.

Aligarh Sir Syed Seminar-Prof. Shakeel Samdani3.JPGDelivering presidential address Manglayatan University Vice Chancellor Brigadier (Dr.) PC Siwach said, “Before the society becomes cultured the crimes cannot be controlled whereas for removing unemployment we have to increase knowledge”. He said, “We must take positive steps on educational progress as Sir Syed had taken.” Brigadier Siwach further said, “Prof Shakeel Samdani has taken up gigantic task of fathoming Sir Syed thoughts and mission which must be welcomed.” He congratulated Prof. Samdani for launching women empowerment from his own house.

Mashkoor Ahmad Usmani (AMUSU President) said, “Sir Syed Awareness Forum is carrying forward the mission of Sir Syed. Prof. Samdani’s effort to spread the message of communal harmony, tolerance and education is praise worthy.” He suggested that forum should also concentrate on health and hygine in backword areas.

Dr. Prabhakr Sharma (Ex. H.O.D., D.S. College, Aligarh), Matin Ashraf (Cabinet AMUSU), Sara Samdani and Paras Gaur also addressed the seminar. Ayesha Samdani conducted the seminar and Er. Javaid Said proposed vote of thanks.

SAF Award 2018 was also conferred on noted personalities on the occasion. The recipients of the award are following: Prof. Shafey Qidwai (Literature), Prof. Nawab Ali Khan (Best Management), Prof. Nayyar Asif (Orthopedics), Dr. Satendra Kumar Jain (Female Education), Dr. Najmuddin Ansari (Animal Protection), Captain A. K. Singh (National Service), Najam Abbasi (Best Officer), and Dr. Pritpal Singh (Eye Specialist). Apart from them, Dr. Khalil Chaudhary, Chand Bhai and Tariq Hussain also were honoured for rendering services to the society in their respective fields.

One of the most striking feature of the seminar was a programme presented by the NCC Cadets of Hira Lal Barahsaini Inter College (Aligarh) led by Captain A.K. Singh.

The guests also awarded cash prizes to Sarah Samdani, Paras Gaur and Ayesha Samdani for contributing in the success of the seminar.

The presence of Ms. Nabila Zehra, Farhan Zubairi, Asif Idris and Mohammad Nadim (AMUSU Cabinet Members), Shahnawaz Khan (Court Member), Prof. Humayun Murad, Atendra Kumar Jain, Dr. Wasim Ali, Prof. Shakeel Ahmad, Dr. Pervez Nazeer, Dr. S.A. Nawaz Zaidi, Dr. Zeba Azmat, Dr. Tabish, Dr. Mudassir Ali, Dr. Shafi Ullah, Dr. Ahsan Ullah, Dr. Jain, Dr. Irfan, Dr. M. Yusuf, Dr. Furqan Sambhali, Dr. Priyanka Jain, A. R. Khan, Shahnawaz, Atiq Ansari, Qamar-e-Alam, Poetess Rehana Shaheen, Azam Ansari and many prominent personalitites of the district made the program hugely successful.

Adv. Shoeb Ali (Gen. Secretary), Dr. Haider Ali, Syed Hassan, Ananya Singh, Sidharth, Pawan Varshney, Nejendra Kumar, Talat Anjum, Rubiya Jabin, Abdullah Samdani, Anjum Tasnim, Mohd. Mutahir, Razia Chauhan, Fozia, Kashif Sultan, Khaleeq Ahmad, Ahmad Dhakil Alaa and Vibhanshu played vital role in organising and making seminar successful.

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