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COMMUNITY REPORT: AMP concludes nationwide Republic Day National Campaign focusing on the Rights and Responsibilities of citizens towards nation-building

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Mumbai: Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) concluded its week-long nationwide campaign from 24th January to 31st January 2018 held on the occasion of 69th Republic Day. The campaign titled, ‘Dastoor e Hind.. Hamare Huqooq… Hamari Zimmedariyan’ translated as ‘Our Indian Constitution, Our Rights and Responsibilities’ was organized all over India, which aimed to create awareness and inspire students from Higher Secondary School section towards importance of Republic Day and our Constitution. These sessions enlightened the students on the Rights and Responsibilities we have as Indian citizens towards our Nation. It also instilled a sense of pride and patriotism, which we carry as Indians in our hearts. We covered over 10 cities all over the country.

These lecture series were conducted in over 40 schools across different cities in India. People involved in taking these lectures were AMPs own team, consisting of volunteers and speakers spread across the country, as wide as from Mumbai to Vaniyambadi and across the North and South of the Country benefiting more than 3,000 students in 10 cities.

There were two lectures arranged on 26th January, in Mumbai to mark the significance of Republic Day. The lectures were arranged at Al Mu’minah School and Anjuman Khairul Islam School in Madanpura wherein about 200 students attended the program. A total of 25 lectures were conducted in different schools across various locations in Mumbai. We also had lectures in Rajasthan, Bangalore, Hubli, Hyderabad, Vaniyambadi and 1 in Jalgaon respectively.

Few special lectures were organized on 26th January, one of which was in Al Mu’minah School near Crawford Market located in South Mumbai. The lecture was conducted by Mrs. Sakina Basta, a trainer by profession with rich and diversified experience into teaching of more than 20 years. She said, “The opportunity that AMP gives me of interacting with students makes me feel very responsible as a citizen of free India. I get to understand the thought process of students and helped them to understand their rights and responsibilities to be good citizens of the country. The content developed by AMP for this campaign is also very impressive”. She concluded by stating a quote, “Freedom is not freedom until it gives equal rights to all”.

AMP Republic Day National CampaignThe other lecture was organized at Anjuman Khairul Islam School in Madanpura located in South Mumbai by Mrs. Rabia Patel, an Independent Sales and Marketing Professional. The Principal of the school Mrs. Rabia Qureshi said, “I have been associated with AMP for many years. The work done on the education front is very commendable wherein students, speakers and school authorities’ thoughts and processes are aligned with each other. Mrs Qureshi told, “It is very important to teach Students about their responsibilities towards the country more than their rights”. And having such lectures especially in Girls School has even more importance”.

The students, who were mainly young girls, showed great interest towards the lecture, and eagerly listened to each word spoken by the speakers. The school authorities and staff were very pleased with AMP activity and requested to hold many more of such activities.

Adv. Ali Ladkhan also conducted a very good and informative lecture at Danish School, Hubli, which was attended by approximately 100 students. The other lecture was conducted by Syed Muhammed Ahmer at Ahle Bait School, Hyderabad, where 150 students participated.

Aamir Edresy, President, AMP, said, “AMP is probably the only organization which can work at this level in such a well-coordinated manner and the beauty lies in the spirit of team work and ideals of volunteerism strongly imbibed into each of our members across the country, which allows us to give shape to such events and activities. We may be scattered by geography but united by our ideals and spirit.”

This campaign marks diversity in approach wherein people from different occupations come together to work towards the benefit of our future generations.

“Seeing the overwhelming response we had extended the campaign until 7th February 2018 for those who wanted to conduct lectures in their city thus, we have a few more lectures scheduled in Mumbai,” AMP said in its press release.

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