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Pope Francis and President Erdogan condemn Trump’s Jerusalem plan, call for maintaining its neutral status

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Jerusalem belongs to Palestine – and not to dictatorial rogues like Trump or Netanyahu. American president Trump today behaves like the top Zionist.

Jerusalem in Palestine’s West Bank has got important religious sites of Islam, Christianity and Zionism (or Judaism) though Jews who now occupy parts of Palestine as their own Jewish land on the pure bluff that God has promised it to them and US military strength. Some royal rogue must have written somewhere that Palestine belongs to criminal Jews and hence American lords brought all those criminal Jews from Europe and Russia, and elsewhere to Palestine to settle them on the lands confiscated by US-Israeli military after killing and evicting Muslims from their nation-Palestine.

This being the fact, the brand new drunkard US President Trump has tried a one of his top gimmicks on Palestinians by openly supporting the Jews and helping Zionist military to attack and kill he remaining Palestinians.

By Trump’s treacherous declaration, it has now been proven that USA never intended to be any genuine mediator between the besieged Palestinians and fascist Israel while USA always supported Zionism and its criminal regime imposed by them in West Asia.

Americans are bluff masters and frauds only pretending to be great democrats. Since USA is super power it can behave a rogue state threatening weak nations like Palestine by proving arsenals of terror goods and WMD.

The Vatican knows the truth about Israeli falsehood that Trump-Mrs Clinton hail as their Zionist law. Pope Francis is among the top global personalities who condemned straightaway the ultra fanatic Trump’s Jerusalem gimmick to appease the Jewish money lords in USA and Israel who m had made generous election funds to him. That is trump has decided to sell Jerusalem to Jewish criminals but Jerusalem does not belong to him personally or his financial empire. His father had not given Jerusalem to him to be sold to the Jews. Trump the fool thinks as US president he can do anything and get away with it.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is among the first to condemn the insanity of Trump and sought to recognize Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital as Israel already has Tel Aviv as its fascist capital to control USA and Europe, third world, including non-aligned India.

President Erdogan visited the Vatican on February 04 on the invitation of Pope Francis. Erdogan traveled to Vatican City to meet with the pontiff. In anticipation of the trip, thousands of police officers were deployed in Rome to secure Turkish President Erdogan’s visit with Pope Francis at the Vatican. Italian officials mobilized 3,500 police and barred protests during the visit.

Turkey is a prominent member of US led NATO and a former military ally of Israel and with it and USA it conducted joint military exercise essentially targeting Russia since USA treats the Kremlin as its prime foe. That should be destroyed. Israel and the rich Jewish lobbyists and their media representatives in English and Hebrew oppose Turkey its links with USA and thus they oppose President Erdogan’s Vatican visit to apply pressure on Israel and Zionist Trump to stop creating nonsensical madness in the name of defending the Zionist crimes against humanity.

Turkish Erdogan is on his first ever official visit to the Vatican since 1959, while Pope Francis met with the Turkish president in 2014 during an apostolic visit. President Erdogan’s is also the first Turkish leader in 59 years to visit the Vatican. After an official welcoming ceremony, Erdogan met with Vatican State Secretary Cardinal Pietro Parolin in a closed-door session.

Before his departure from Turkey, Erdogan said he and Vatican leaders would discuss Palestine, Jerusalem, Syria, Iraq, counterterrorism, refugee issues and humanitarian aid. The Turkish leader added that he and the pope agree the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December was a huge mistake.

The pope was a prominent critic of President Donald Trump’s decision.“We especially welcomed the pope’s stance on the Jerusalem issue. We spoke several times over the phone during this period. His positive stance really mattered to show us what we can jointly do together with him as the Christian world’s leader,” Erdogan said.

Apart from Zionist agents, the pro-Kurdish groups had threatened massive demonstrations against Turkey’s attacks on Kurdish forces in Syria, but Rome responded with a 24-hour ban.

Zionism and Europe

Hatred for Islam and media Islamophobia have bought all anti-Islamic nations together and Since the Sept-!1 1hoax the trend became monstrous targeting Muslims and their nations and resources.

Unfortunately, today Americans, Israelis and Europeans think alike when it comes to Islam as religion and Muslims whom they consider a serious threat to their capitalist-imperialist existence.

Some European nations with anti-Islamic mindset and Islamophobia gimmicks have always opposed Turkey’s genuine efforts to become a member of EU as a European power but these ultra fanatic European nations say as an Islamic power Turkey cannot be a part of new Christian nation called EU. However, for official purposes they never talk about Turkey’s religion as the cause of resentment and instead talk only about “reforms” Turkey must undertake to complete the negotiations for EU accession. Interestingly, they keep on adding more and more reforms to Turkey which is a known Islamist nation ruled by an Islamist party. USA and UK play their own misroles. .

The right-wing Brothers of Italy party was also critical of Erdogan’s visit, warning against immigration that it said would lead to the “Islamization of Europe.” Party leader Giorgia Meloni said the Italian people sought to send a message to Turkey by rejecting Turkey’s interest in joining the European Union. On Saturday, Erdogan criticized European leaders for blocking the attempt to join the EU.

However, one of the pillars of Germany’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “is the need to preserve the status of holy sites and to negotiate the final status of Jerusalem within the framework of the two-state solution,” Steinmeier, a former foreign minister, told Al-Ghad.

Meanwhile, president of Germany Steinmeier is on a four-day visit to Jordan and Lebanon. He is scheduled to visit the Azraq camp for Syrian refugees in northern Jordan and a nearby air base by the same name where some 300 German troops are stationed as part of the US-led international military campaign against Islamic State group extremists in Jordan.

A centre-left politician who has Steinmeier characterized Donald Trump as a “hate preacher” has been elected president of Germany. In the run-up to the US election, he said Trump had much in common with “fear mongers” in the AfD and with advocates of Britain’s exit from the EU. After Trump’s shock victory in November, he predicted that “American foreign policy will be less predictable for us in the future” and that “America will be more inclined to make unilateral decisions”. His predictions have come true so soon. Vocal Donald Trump critic says he wants Germany to be an ‘anchor of hope’ after he was voted in by parliamentary assembly

Germany, which has absorbed hundreds of thousands of Syrian war refugees, has stepped up efforts in recent years to help improve conditions for refugees in regional host countries. About 660,000 registered Syrian refugees live in Jordan, though Jordanian authorities say the actual number is double that. Germany has given 595 million euro ($740 million) in bilateral humanitarian and development aid to Jordan in 2017, up from 470 million Euros ($584 million) in 2016, embassy officials said.

Pope Francis+President ErdoganDuring the visit to Rome, President Erdogan also planned to meet with Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

Prior to his visit, Erdogan said that “no country has the right to make unilateral steps and ignore the international law on the issue, concerning thousands of people. The president continued by saying that Jerusalem city’s status should be protected by the UN resolution as it would let Muslims, Christians and Jews live in peace. Israel and Jews would make Jerusalem another hell.

At the same time, President Erdogan’s visit to the Vatican provoked rallies in Rome that resulted in minor clashes with the police. The rally gathered some 150 people, including Italian Kurds and youth, who protested Ankara’s policies and the country’s operation in the Kurdish-dominated Afrin.

Last December, Trump announced his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and instructed the US State Department to move “quickly” (before people wake up in USA) the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, causing mass criticism across the world.

Since then, President Erdogan, who has been criticising Israeli military attacks on besieged Palestinians Zionist criminal policies against Palestinians and other Arabs in the region, has been a vocal opponent of Trump’s decision.

Earlier, speaking at an emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation that was gathered later in the month, the Turkish President promised to confront Washington’s move legally and threatened to cut ties with Tel Aviv.

Jordan’s new role

Meanwhile support for Palestine keeps pouring in from different parts of world while condemnations for the US-Israeli fascist towns also keep increasing. Jordan’s King Abdullah II affirmed his support for establishing a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem, highlighting his differences with the Trump administration on a central issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. King Abdullah spoke at the start of a meeting with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who also expressed concern about U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition last month of contested Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. “I think there are very good reasons to question the theory that unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel would contribute to the consolidation of peace in the Middle East,” Steinmeier was quoted as telling the Jordanian daily Al-Ghad in an interview published Sunday.

Jordan’s king serves as custodian of a major Muslim shrine in Israeli-annexed East Jerusalem and the kingdom’s Hashemite dynasty derives much of its political legitimacy from its special role in Jerusalem. Jordan is also home to a large Palestinian population. “I think our views on Palestine and Jerusalem are well known to you,” the king told the German president Sunday. “We do believe in a two-state solution, with (East) Jerusalem as a capital for the Palestinians.”

At the same time, Jordan, like Qatar, is also a staunch US ally and also a major recipient of US economic and military aid. Abdullah has stopped short of siding with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas who said after Trump’s dramatic policy shift on Jerusalem that Washington can no longer serve as the sole mediator between Israelis and Palestinians.

While entire West Asia ignored his visit to the region, the king of Jordan received US Vice President Mike Pence last week, and has said the USA remains an “indispensable broker”. But the joker in Trump raised new concerns last week when he said at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland that he had taken Jerusalem “off the table.”

US officials have also stressed repeatedly that the Jerusalem recognition has no impact on negotiations over the borders or sovereignty of the Holy City. Trump also told Israeli PM Netanyahu at the global summit that Israel had “won” on the matter but would have to make concessions to the Palestinians in any eventual talks.

Palestine must act with prudence

Palestinians face deadly fascist forces like USA and Israel that are very harmful ones not just to Palestine or Arab world or West Asia but to entire humanity.

Palestinians do not have enough manpower, enough arms arsenals, and no WMD to support their cause. Simply firing toy missiles into wastelands of Israel would make some Palestinians and Arabs happy momentarily but cannot bring any solution to their eternal problem of occupational cries from USA and Israel.

Palestinians and Arab nations must therefore become prudent in planning. Jews are committed criminals with US terror goods can destroy entire Palestine in hours. .

Of course, there is another invisible, strong force above US-Israeli military might and that would work in due course to remove both USA and Israel from the map of world. In fact, these beastly dictatorial regimes have no right to exist in the comity of human nations. They cannot control everything.

Meanwhile, the Gaza Strip is preparing for an imminent military confrontation with Israel within the next few days, London-based Arabic-language Al Hayat reported recently. The report suggests that the Palestinian Islamic organization and political party Hamas, among other Palestinian factions, assesses the chances of war with Israel “at 95 percent,” claiming it could break out within days or even hours.

Palestine or Arab would not win a war again the powerful, criminal Israel that is militarily backed by USA and NATO. In fact, that exactly is the strength of Zionism to keep attacking Palestine Gaza Strip, killing even the children each time they use force as the racist Israel wants to end Palestinian race.

Apparently Israel and USA take revenge for the supposedly European crimes against criminal Jews not in Europe or USA but in Palestine, killing innocent Muslims as the Jewish military guys enjoy drinking warm Islamic blood.

Referring to unnamed sources, who met Hamas political chief Yahya Sinwar, the report says that Palestinians believed Israel would use a training exercise planned near the enclave to launch an attack on it. Hamas, for its part, has reinforced security measures across the Strip, evacuating sites and headquarters.

Israeli media outlet Haaretz has also published the report, however, stated that it “exaggerated” the imminent threat of a war, describing it as part of Hamas’s attempt to “ratchet up international discussion” over the humanitarian plight in Gaza and non-implementation of the reconciliation agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. “It is widely believed that Israel will not initiate war with Hamas without real escalation in the south, such as a surge in rocket fire at southern communities,” Haaretz wrote. The report has not been confirmed by officials in the PA.

Why USA-Israeli fascist twins reject international law?

The relations between Israel and Palestine, regulated by USA, have deteriorated since Americans elected a business rogue as US President and worsened when Donald Trump deliberately announced his “historic” decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6 ( the date coincide with the destruction of Babri Mosque in India by the state sponsored criminal Hindus), instructing the US State Department to move the US Embassy, currently located in Tel Aviv, to Jerusalem. The move provoked worldwide criticism, with Palestinians taking to the streets to protests the decision and Arab states seeking recognition of East Jerusalem as Palestinian.

A week after Trump’s controversial step, Hamas announced a third “intifada,” with Palestinians launching rocket attacks on Israeli territory. Israeli Air Forces, for their part, retaliated with airstrikes on Gaza.

Both USA and Israel have proven themselves to be fakes and frauds as far as their repeated declarations for the ‘two state’ solution are concerned and they have only been fooling the world around.

The USA-Israel fascist twins have controlled the conflicts in West Asia. The majority of ethnic Arabs hopes to see a two-state solution and a return of Palestinian land located behind the ”1967 Lines”, re-establishing the pre-Six Day War borders, when Israel captured the Gaza Strip from Egypt, the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, as well as the Golan Heights from Syria.

Since then, Israeli regime proliferated the illegal settlements for criminal Jews as illegal Jewish settlers have continued to establish new communities in the West Bank, something Palestinians and UN consider an act of aggression according to international law but both USA and Israel despise international law and impose their own laws on the world. .

When there is hue and cry over new illegal settlements in West Bank, Israel approves new proliferations plans with US approval

Though entire Jerusalem belongs to Palestine exclusively, Turkey wants at least East Jerusalem to be the capital of Palestine state to be established soon. PLO also campaigns for the east Jerusalem formula for an amicable settlement of Mideast conflict and secure peace in the region.

The USA which speaks for Israel has to give up its tricky and rigid line of thinking targeting Islam and Muslims.

Freedom movements across the globe would suffer if the Palestinians continue to suffer under Zionist brutality with Pentagon back up and once Palestine state become a full member of UN, which is any time soon, world be much better as poor and weak nations would get confidence to improve their diplomatic, economic and technological lot.

[Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal is Specialist on State Terrorism; Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA); Independent Analyst; Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements (Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.). He is also former university Teacher. He can be contacted at [email protected]]

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