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Crimes Against Women: Islamic vs. feminist perspectives

By Kevin Barrett

I recently discussed the #MeToo movement and related issues with two feminist friends, Cat McGuire and Barbara Honegger. Click on these links to listen:

Cathleen McGuire offers ecofeminist take on #MeToo (2nd hour)

Barbara Honegger and Cathleen McGuire continue the conversation on (eco)feminism

Cat and Barbara have different takes on Feminism. But both agree that women have been oppressed for thousands of years. And both seem to advocate remedying that situation by going even further toward eliminating “traditional” societies, which they view as patriarchal and sexist, in favor of a (post)modern dispensation emphasizing individual freedom and fulfillment.

So what could possibly be wrong with that?

Quite a lot. I don’t think the individual pursuit of happiness (via, for example, “sexual freedom”) leads to individual happiness. Neither is it an adequate basis for collective social life.

As every anthropologist knows, the basis of human culture is the restrictions that limit sexual behavior and channel it towards reproductive social units, i.e. “families.” More than 95% of known cultures (representing 99%+ of humanity) structure families so as to ensure that every child knows who its father is and gets support and protection from that father. In most of those societies, sexual acts that threaten children’s ability to identify their fathers and thereby demand paternal protection are viewed as very serious crimes, often formally or informally punishable by death. (In most traditional societies, such punishments are rarely carried out—their purpose is to deter and warn, thereby maintaining standards that most people follow.)

“But who needs such barbarism these days,” Today’s progressivist secular humanists intone. “We can use dna testing to enforce child support!”

But it isn’t just about material support. Traditional restrictions on sexuality, i.e. “family values,” are the most fundamental and most important building blocks for the extremely rich networks of social interaction, many of them based on the extended family, that characterize traditional societies. When these networks, and the societies built around them, break down, the result is (at best) a miserable world of individual pleasure-seekers “bowling alone”—i.e. pursuing individual gratification in the absence of the rich, intense emotional connections to dozens of other beloved (and occasionally hated) human beings that is the real source of happiness. At worst, the society freed from tradition becomes a hellhole of mutual exploitation, government and corporate tyranny, violent crime including escalating “senseless” carnage, single-parent familes, sexually-transmitted diseases, rampant commercialism, drug and alcohol addiction, meaninglessness, purposelessness, anomie, and so on.

I spent a year in Morocco in 1999-2000, living in an extended family household. It was the happiest year of my life. Even though i could barely understand Moroccan Darija, i experienced far more real, warm, intense sociability during that single year than in all of my other 58 years put together.

Islam & Women1By 1999, the encroachment of individualistic Western values had already started rotting traditional Islamic Moroccan society. Idiotic television spectacles on channel 2M, the French government supported channel, were pushing materialism and hedonism. (Why Morocco allows the French Islamophobes to target Moroccan Muslims with this kind of toxic propaganda I’ll never understand.)

But as of 1999-2000 Morocco’s social fabric had not been fully frayed. There was massive pushback against an elitist, feminist NGO driven effort to “liberalize” Morocco’s Islam-based family code. People’s ordinary lives, at least in Oujda, totally revolved around extended families and local communities (with mosques being especially central to male social networks, and bathhouses and the inner quarters of private homes playing host to female social networks).

Women’s social networks largely determined who marries whom. These inter-family linkages have enormous power, and women are the key players.

Traditional Muslim “arranged marriages” (which are usually not 100% “arranged,” since the prospective bride and groom generally have a lot of input and veto power) are generally happier, especially for women, than Western marriages. Women do most of the arranging, because women’s brains, which are radically different from men’s brains, are considerably better at the kind of verbal, emotional, intuitive, holistic proccessing based social skills necessary for such tasks. Obviously, in a rich, complex, traditional society with massive intense emotional interaction happening constantly on a scale light years beyond anything in the modern West, women will thrive while men will be a bit out of their depth; whereas in a “rationalized” secular individualistic society where quantitative/spacial skills are at a premium, the male brain will dominate…and be freed to pursue its power-seeking, hedonistic, often sadistic impulses.

In traditional societies, it is taken for granted that the purpose of life is primarily to serve others, and only secondarily to pursue individual gratification. Women, for obvious evolutionary/biological reasons, are better suited to serving others than are men. This is yet another reason why, as my wife often reminds me, women are overall better off (and more empowered) in a traditional Islamic society than in a modern Western one. The society resonates with their deeper natures; and they largely control it, generally from behind the scenes.

Many women understand this, at different levels. Some learn it when they come into contact with the Qur’an or with Muslims. Many end up converting to Islam. The woman-friendly nature of Islam, mendaciously concealed by Zionist-dominated mainstream institutions, is one reason why more than two thirds of converts to Islam are women.

Under Islam, no man is allowed sexual access to any woman without promising long-term support to her and any children that might result from their union. (It’s called “marriage.”) Removing this restriction may “liberate” men (from their consciences), but it amounts to the ultimate crime against women, in the view of my wife and many other Muslim women. The ongoing crime wave against women that the #MeToo movement seeks to expose and oppose is in large part the product of a society in which the hyper-rational, emotionally-stunted, intuition-free, always-potentially-sociopathic male brain has been “liberated” from its responsibility to women—and to other people in general, other creatures, larger “others” including the community, ecosystem, and cosmos…and above all the ultimate other, God.

There is much more that could be said, but I will defer to Dr. Javed Jamil, the Indian physician who has done so much comparative statistical analysis that, on the whole, supports the above argument.

[Kevin Barrett is Editor of Veterans Today – an online publication dedicated to providing comprehensive information and news to U.S Military Veterans. Contact him at [email protected]]

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