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Association of Muslim Professionals invites Trainers for its Employability Training Programme

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Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) is starting Employability Training-cum-facilitation Programme (ETP) and has welcomed all concerned to become a successful Professional Trainer/facilitator.

AMP stands as one of those very few organizations and the only platform of Educated Muslim Youth & well-established professionals created with the purpose of giving back to the community. It utilizes the knowledge, intellect, experience and skills of these professionals for the educational and intellectual development of the community more so the weaker sections and strives to create an environment to ensure our youngsters have equal stake in the development of our community, the society & our country.

Now, AMP has introduced the concept of Employability Training Programme which is also known as ETP, where in our youngsters get trained in pre-employment preparation. It has been developed to assist Job seekers find the ‘Right job’ at the ‘Right place’ at the ‘Right time’ and to become the ‘Right Fit’ in a present day modern organization. It aims to create awareness and groom young graduates who are aspiring to be professionals. The trainins will be conducted by well Experienced Corporate Trainers.

AMP Trainers AdvtThe prime objective of this ETP Programme is to facilitate the Final Year Graduation Students and other job seekers from various colleges, to hone their skills in various soft/behavioural skills areas. Some of the areas are listed below.

This programme will be run across the country.

Some of the areas for improvements are identified as below :

• How to find a Right Job.
• How to Prepare an Effective Resume.
• How to Face the Interview Panel.
• Etiquettes, Grooming and Manners.
• Communication Skills, etc.

The trainer/facilitators would be playing a catalyst in shaping up the candidates and make them employment-ready.

For registration visit on the link give: http://ampindia.org/AMP_ETPs

For further details, Contact:

Nawaz Shaikh
Project Co-ordinator, Employment Assistance Cell,
Association of Muslim Professionals
Website: http://www.ampindia.org
Email: [email protected]
Contact No.: 9082283488 / WhatsApp: 7045170187

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