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Why the need for Indian Muslim Observer

Many would simply ask why the need for IndianMuslimObserver.com and such a sectarian thought when the mainstream media in India has already been highlighting issues about Indian Muslims. But my observations while being in the journalism profession for over 15 years says that the attitude of mainstream media in the country has been miserable when it comes to highlighting news and community-related issues in a proper perspective and objectively. Muslims have been constantly discriminated against and the media highlights only those issues that suit them best, and the community as a matter of fact doesn’t exist for them at all. Most of the time the mainstream media leaves no stone unturned in killing the positive news about Muslims, and rather more often makes extensive efforts to portray Muslims in bad light and also largely ignores important issues that should have been published or broadcast.

Danish Ahmad Khan, Founder-Editor, Indian Muslim Observer
Danish Ahmad Khan, Founder-Editor, Indian Muslim Observer

Being a Muslim journalist I felt the urgent need to harness the power of Information Technology and create a ‘Media For Masses’ that would emerge as an effective alternative media platform for millions of those whose voice remains unheard and sentiments left uncared for by the mainstream media. And, thus came into being India’s First Online Muslim Newspaper “IndianMuslimObserver.com” in March 2009, with Danish Ahmad Khan as its Founder-Editor.

Objectives & Vision

The prime objective of Indian Muslim Observer is to highlight the positive side of story of Muslims and tell the world that they are peace loving, progressive community equally contributing to the growth of individuals and the nation. While highlighting all that affects Indian Muslims and Indian Diaspora worldwide, the News Portal will endeavor to publish all that which directly or indirectly impacts Muslims in different parts of the world. It will also seek to fight prejudices and stereotypes that have been thrust upon the Indian Muslims by the mainstream media. The issue of inappropriate and negative portrayal of Muslims due to the lack of adequate Muslim-operated and run media outlets — Print, TV and Online — is a matter of grave concern in India and it will be promptly addressed through this effective New Media platform.

The Indian Muslim Observer will genuinely work on the concept ‘Media For Masses’ (M4M). It is everybody’s platform. All those who are concerned about Indian Muslims, Humanism, Interfaith Harmony, Fight against Fascism, Communalism and Corruption, and Passionate about Education, Gender Issues, Environment, Science and Technology are welcome to be a part of the process toward enlightenment and Building an Informed World.

Editorial Policy

Indian Muslim Observer seeks fact-based, authentic news and analysis/opinion. Some of the basic outline of our Editorial policies is as follows: (1.) Positive stories are welcome (We discourage publishing news/articles on communal riots or issues that inflame passions, create disharmony or hurt religious sentiments etc). (2.) Human Interest stories are welcome. (3.) We encourage news/articles on Gender issues, Environment, Education, Health, Innovations, Sports, Art/Culture,, Science and Technology. (4.) We are not a propaganda platform for any political party or Muslim organizations. We will not accept stories that hold a bias for a political party or news/articles written for self-propaganda. (5.) People matter greatly to us. We will encourage Profiles/Interviews about the persons who have made a difference or been an inspiration in national and peoples’ lives.

How To Contribute

Please visit the Contribute Page to submit your News/Articles/Opinions and upload relevant photos directly from the website. We always welcome voluntary and unsolicited article submissions. If you, however, want to send your contributions through email then please write a cover letter and attach a Word file with Author’s brief Bio and contact details to let readers know a little bit about you, and also attach relevant photographs in separate JPEG format and send it to [email protected] or [email protected]. This though doesn’t necessarily guarantee that your contributions will be published as it solely depends on the quality of the content. We reserve the right to review your articles/news/opinions, re-edit or even take it off from the website if it doesn’t adhere to our Editorial policies.


The Writers/Authors usually retain copyright ownership of their work. The act of submitting an article constitutes the granting of permission for Indian Muslim Observer to publish his/her work. If you, however, want to withdraw a submission without any legitimate reason or after a rethink, you must do so before the editor has spent time reviewing and preparing the piece for publication. If either the article is submitted as an exclusive or the published version of an article is the product of significant collaboration with the editor, it is considered that you are granting to Indian Muslim Observer exclusive publishing rights.

Advertise With Us

Advertising with Us is Extremely Cheap! We believe that the benefits of Information Technology must percolate down to the masses in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We do not seek to make wealth, but only to sustain ourselves so that the good work should be kept going in an honest way. We do not believe in seeking donations and compromise with our objectivity and freedom to operate Indian Muslim Observer. We want that this effective media platform should be made best use of by small and medium scale businesses to promote their products at unbelievably quite low rates. The IndianMuslimObserver.com website is being currently visited in more than 217 countries worldwide with over One Lakh visitors every month. For advertising and/or promoting your products/businesses/organizations do email us at [email protected] / [email protected], and we will provide you the best rates that others simply won’t. As a community service, all Matrimonial Advertisements on our Classified Page can be advertised free of cost. It will surely benefit and boost your business when advertising with us.


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