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US-The Halal Guys2

World’s most popular food cart The Halal Guys to receive 2014 Multicultural Award

Based on the global appeal in the Halal market and the unprecedented international expansion of a formerly one-cart business, the 2014 Multicultural Award will be presented to The Halal Guys. IMO News Service The Halal Guys will be awarded the 2014 Multicultural Award at the fifth American Muslim Consumer Conference, …

Japan-Halal Tourism1

Halal tourism growing in Japan as country tries to attract Muslim visitors

Japanese tourism officials trying to entice travelers from mainly-Muslim countries like Malaysia and Thailand are encouraging restaurant to offer authentic halal dishes.              With the Islamic world currently observing the holy month of Ramadan, tourism to Japan is being heavily promoted in mainly-Muslim Southeast Asia, where visa …

Indian Muslim News – EDUCATION

Beyond Cattle and Sheep: The Islamic Education and Finance Industries in Australia By Zulfikar M. Shariff The land of cattle and sheep. That is how the Australian halal industry seems to be perceived by non Australians. True, New Zealand is better known for sheep (or at least for Australians), but …

Indian Muslim News – OPINION

When pork is found in halal-guaranteed food By Mohammad Yazid What could consumers say when they found pork in a product guaranteed as halal by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) as happened recently? The council executives were very quick to declare themselves innocent in the fatal incident and blame others. …