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Umar Khalid2

OPINION: Muslim organizations’ failure to take clear stand on pro-Afzal Guru protests at JNU raises questions on Indian Muslims’ patriotism

By Danish Ahmad Khan It seems that a section of Muslims are tacitly supporting pro-Afzal Guru protests organized by JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Anirban Bhattacharya and others on 9th February 2016. At least, the behavior of some important Muslim organizations as of now strongly suggests my fears. Navaid …

India-Minorities Discrimination1

Denial of Justice to Minorities in Pakistan and India

By Pushkar Raj Two recent legal developments underscore the dismal state of Hindu minority in Pakistan and Muslims in India. While Pakistan’s  parliamentary  legal select committee approved the Hindu marriage bill for its about four million Hindu population, two district courts in India began acquitting accused of the Muzaffarnagar Hindu-Muslim …

US 2016 Presidental Elections1

How America gets hijacked from within

The deep pockets of Aipac and its sympathisers continue to ensure that all potential presidential nominees be rewarded on one condition: It’s Israel first By Tariq Al Maeena Earlier this month, author Glenn Greenwald disclosed a series of emails from a pro-Hillary Clinton think tank that highlight the censorship of …

Bihar Polls 2015 - Seemanchal4

Bihar Polls 2015: A concerned voter asks probing questions to leaders in embattled minority stronghold Seemanchal

By Manzar Imam As only the last phase of elections is remaining in Bihar that of two districts of Darbhanga Division, three districts of Kosi Division and all four districts of Purnea Division which is also referred as Seemanchal namely Araria, Kishanganj, Katihar and Purnea, I put before all parties …