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OPINION: American Democracy Is In Decline

By Frank Islam Our American democracy is in decline. The evidence to support this sad conclusion abounds. Freedom House is the authoritative source for examining and evaluating democracies world-wide. In its annual report titled Freedom in the World 2018released in January of this year, it noted that the United States …


MEDIA WATCH: Stooping to cover

Watchdog journalism is being replaced by guard dog journalism. Media is deferential to authority, intolerant of contrarian views. By Karan Thapar These are not good times for the Indian media. Most people I know have formed an irrevocable impression that it’s become pusillanimous. Where once newspapers and television channels boasted …

Food-Hare Masaley ka Gosht

FOOD: Recipe of Hare Masale ka Gosht

Here is the first person account by Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Tushar Arun Gandhi regarding the yummy preparation of “Hare Masale ka Gosht”. Non-veg lovers are sure to savour this spicy meat delicacy. I ground to a fine paste a bunch of Coriander, Pudina (Mint leaves), Spring Garlic, Green Chilies, Ginger …