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Hyderabad’s MJCET students participate in QUAD-TORC 2014 national competition at New Delhi

By Syed Khaled Shahbaaz Hyderabad: Students of Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology (MJCET) have participated in the National Level Competition QUAD TORC-2014 organized by ISNEE (Indian Society of New Era Engineers) in the first week of August 2014 at SRM University, NCR campus, Meerut, New Delhi. The theme …

Prof. J. S. Bandukwala1

Muslim boys should avoid affair with Hindu girls. Avoid high wattage loudspeakers in mosques, says prominent social activist Dr. J. S. Bandukwala

[Eminent social and civil rights activist Dr. J. S. Bandukwala has come up with some remarkable and sane prescription for Muslims to avoid communal confrontation with Hindus and integration with the Indian mainstream. I completely agree with all that Dr. Bandukwala said in a recent talk with our colleague Abdul …

India-Dalit Protest March2

India’s most vulnerable face adversity alone

By John Dayal India’s several religious minorities weep alone when they are in pain. So to do the Dalits and the Indigenous people, called Tribals or Adivasis. There are a few vibrant human rights groups, who organize factfinding missions, go to the media and demonstrate before parliament. But there has …


Two Muslim schools at loggerheads in HP

By Gaurav Bisht Shimla: The two schools of Muslims – Deoband and Barelvi — are once again at loggerheads over “forceful” conversions of rural folks residing in the interior regions of Chamba district. The Barelvi adherents have sought intervention of the district administration to restrict Tablighi Jammat of Deobandi School …

India - Muslim Custodial Killings1


By Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam One often wonders why it takes so much time for the state to notice what is common knowledge among Muslims. An example is the Sachar Committee Report, which finally, formally and officially established the fact Muslims happened to be economically and educationally the most backward …

M.F.H. Beg, Founder Director of Jamia Co-operative Bank Ltd. sitting along with Danish Ahmad Khan, Founder-Editor of Indian Muslim Observer

Interview with M.F.H. Beg, Founder Director, Jamia Co-operative Bank Ltd: “Jamia Co-operative Bank Ltd. is an epitome of interfaith harmony. Most depositors are Hindus, while most Muslims have been given loans”

Meet Mr. M.F.H. Beg, the Founder Director of Jamia Co-operative Bank Ltd. A person with serious concern, compassion and soft corner for poor and marginalized sections of the society, Mr. Beg was deeply pained at the step-motherly treatment being meted out to the residents of Muslim-dominated Jamia Nagar, Okhla in …

Media-Akhbare Masriq-Hasan Suroor

How a biased Urdu press can harm India’s secular image with half-truths, lies

By Hasan Suroor Akhbar-e-Mashriq is widely regarded as a balanced and sober Urdu daily published from Kolkata but recently, it ran an uncharacteristically sensational front page with the banner headline, Islami Shiddat Pasand Hamare Haqeequee Mohafiz (“Islamic extremists our real protectors”). It was inspired by a quote from one of …

MJCET Hyderabad Graduation Ceremony1

Hyderabad to be a fully Wi-Fi Connected City

By Syed Khaled Shahbaaz Hyderabad: India’s biggest technology incubator will be online soon to power the economic and technological engines of Hyderabad. “A technology ecosystem that drives innovation and growth, a technology incubator – India’s biggest – will be ready in 6-7 months in Hyderabad, said Mr KTR, Hon’ble Minister …