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USA-Donald Trump4

‘Richness Muslims add to the religious tapestry of American life’, says U.S. President Donald Trump in his Ramadan Message

IMO News Service Washington, DC: The American Muslim community has been praised by U.S. President Donald Trump in his Ramadan message. A press release issued by White House marking the start of Ramadan said that the U.S. President has applauded the American Muslims and thanked for “the richness Muslims add …


Hijab vs Veil

By T.O. Shanavas According to the current perception in Muslim society a head-cover (Hijab) for women is one of the Islamic obligations. Many Muslims believe that the head-cover is not enough to comply with God’s command but must cover all her body with a black robe with opening for eyes …

Islam & Nationalism2

Curses of Nationalism: An introspection!

By Shazia Banoo The current situation of our nation is alarming, and it’s obvious that we are divided due to the concept of this nationalism and therefore weak. The Quran talks against the disease of Nationalism spreading like wild fire around the nations. Nationalism is a way of disuniting the …