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Protestors Rally At Boston's Logan Airport Against Muslim Immigration Ban

IMO EXCLUSIVE: Jews React To Banning Muslim Refugees in USA

By Rabbi Allen S. Maller Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the head of the American “Union of Reform Jews”, compared President Donald Trump’s executive order banning refugees from entering the USA, to Roosevelt’s horrible internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, which was also caused by vastly exaggerated fears of a …


Suddenly, Muslims are America’s pariahs

Officers ‘just following orders’, confused children, fearful parents: with Trump’s vile ban, Islamophobia has finally burst its banks By Nesrine Malik Within minutes of Donald Trump signing his executive order banning the entry of nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries, the horror stories started coming through. Sudanese friends and relatives, some …

Manzar Imam-Prof. Ebrahim Moosa Address

Act positively and stop playing victim, says Notre Dame University Professor Ebrahim Moosa

In what turned into a heated discussion, Notre Dame University Professor, Dr Ebrahim Moosa appealed Muslims to shun victims’ mentality, forge better relations with other communities and discourage violence by every possible means, reports Manzar Imam New Delhi: During a heated Q & A session following a talk on “Islam …

Photo Courtesy: Denver Post

The mirage of the meek Muslim women

Muslim women – who come in all shades of conformity and rebelliousness – are far from silent and submissive. By Khaled Diab George Washington once opined that “offensive operations, often times, is the surest, if not the only … means of defence”. In his campaign to become president of the …