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Bangladesh-Al Biruni Conference1

3rd Biruni International Conference held in Dhaka

IMO News Service Dhaka, Bangladesh: On the occasion of the commemoration of the 966th demise anniversary of Abu Rayhan Biruni, one of the greatest Iranian scholars, scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, historians, and linguists, Abu Rayhan Biruni Foundation (ARBF), Dhaka organized the 3rd Biruni Interdisciplinary International Conference on the contribution of Muslim …

Bangladesh-South Asian Youth Society1

Bangladesh: Leading youth to economic self sufficiency

Dhaka: A two-day-long exciting, interactive and capacity building workshop ‘Towards Trans-formative Career – Season II’ was organized by South Asian Youth Society (SAYS) in association with IABC | BRAC University in order to introduce the youth of our society to a wide range of career and educational opportunities available to …


Bangladesh: Sheikh Hasina government has failed, say opposition parties

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal Bangladesh, formerly known as East Bengal, a district within India, is deeply involved in serious, seemingly never-ending political crisis. Bangladesh has for quite some time been struggling to create a meaningful people’s democracy but unfortunately has not been able to achieve the objective primarily due …

SAYS freshers striking a pose with guests and senior members marking the end of the orientation program at EMK Centre, Dhaka on Thursday August 14, 2014. Photo: Rafiqul Alam Khan

Bangladesh: SAYS Freshers’ Reception-2014 held in Dhaka

By Rakibul Hasan It was a cloudy morning of August. Raindrops downed cats and dogs almost in every second. Downpour went even multiplied with the passage of times, later on. Still then the sun remained hazy..! But, someone drenched entirely felt the sun beam, saw the shine. Stagnant waters overwhelmed …

Bangladesh-SYS-TraumaLink Training

Bangladesh: SAYS-TraumaLink First Responder Training held in EMK Centre

By Rakibul Hasan A large number of dedicated youth enthusiasts participated in ‘SAYS-TraumaLink Community First Responder Training Program’, which was jointly organized by region’s strong youth network, South Asian Youth Society (SAYS) and Traumalink Harvard Medical School at Edward M Kennedy (EMK) Centre, Dhaka on July 24, 2014. The program …

Narendra Modi+SAARC Countries1

‘Moditva’ implications in South Asia

By Rakibul Hasan   Proving numerous surveys home and abroad visible, BJP wins landslide collapsing mostly dominant Congress party in the 16th Lok Sabha election of India.  First sight-observation, conspicuously shows how an ultra nationalist, supra rightist BJP-led NDA (National Democratic Alliance) crushes away the secular Congress-led UPA (United Progressive …


Polarized debates: An Indigenous case in Bangladesh

By Rakibul Hasan An overwhelming number (98%) of Bengalis reside over Bangladesh speaking their distinct tongue and writing down their own scripts, Bangla (Bengali). Since time immemorial, this ethnicity achieved a ‘natural contract’ like occupation of the plain topography of sedimentary depositions. Around 147,570 SKM of land also constitutes a …

Rohingya Killings3

Bengalization of ethnic Rohingya Muslims

By Rakibul Hasan Myanmar’s authoritative illegality continues in ‘legal procedures’ surpassing all UN standards regarding citizens’ rights. United Nations said all Burmese should be allowed an option to self-identify their ethnicity. But most recently, the country declares it won’t count Rohingya as Muslims rather as Bengalis to be registered first …